Amazonia is burning to fuel our meat dependency & addiction.

The growing demand for meat around the world is DIRECTLY linked to the Amazon fires. 🔥🐮

The Amazon is one of the biggest cattle ranching regions in the world, and it’s only getting worse. Brazil’s cattle herd grew from 158 million heads in 1996 to 219 million in 2016, becoming the world’s largest beef and poultry exporter.

These are not wildfires, but rather fires set by people seeking to create cattle ranches, intentionally ignited during the dry season each year. They cut the trees, leave the wood to dry and later put fire to it, so that the ashes can fertilize the soil.” – Ane Alencar, the scientific director of Brazilian NGO IPAM (Institute of Environmental Research in Amazonia).⁣
⁣Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE) reported a record 72,843 fires this year, an 80% increase from last year. More than 9,000 of those fires have been spotted in the past week.⁣

We must make immediate changes to our lifestyles, there is absolutely no argument against the fact that this is the direct result of our apathy towards the environmental destruction our food choices have. If you are outraged by what is happening, then stop paying for this to happen. It’s only going to get worse.⁣

Our choices have far-reaching consequences, and staying complacent will not save the planet. Taking action will.

Artwork by Julie Catona

Excerpt taken from @EarthlingEd

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