The “AI” Experience

AI is intrinsically anti-human. There, I’ve said it. It may feel as tho AI is positioned (and already proving) to be THE toolbox, releasing us of our trivial & monotonous human tasks, there is a core uneasiness I can’t shake off. With new AI platforms and sites being launched faster than we can cipher, are we ready to release our messy, error-prone human autonomy for these unprompted, and (most likely) biased “life-hacks”? Do we need to keep going faster down the rabbit hole or are we set to hit bottom? Let’s ask Alice.

My 1st line of doubt: AI debuts into the world of Art and shakes its foundation. IMO- AI Art is paradoxical to the creative human experience. While everyone gets distracted by the torrent of AI Art and Visuals being generated online, as an Artist, I can’t equate AI being used as a true creative “tool”. Issues with Artist copyrights, unoriginality, and biased AI learning models have already made me unsubscribe from using it to flesh out any creative works. Although it’s VERY tempting. But for now, I’m holding off on coding any “co-creations” that I cannot fully sign off as my own. To be honest, I was tempted to write this whole article with AI- but then what would that make me? Human. And humans write AI code, that then writes itself. Yikes.

For the purpose of this article, I did take a moment to ask an AI Chat about the complexities of AI and its long-term effects on humankind. Here’s a clip from Perplexity on a simple query “will ai be beneficial to humans in the future

There are varying opinions on whether AI will be beneficial to humans in the future. Some experts predict that AI will amplify human effectiveness and improve our lives in various ways, such as enhancing education, healthcare, and home assistance123. AI is also expected to become more personal and capable, and help older people stay independent43. However, there are also concerns that AI may threaten human autonomy and agency1. Ultimately, the impact of AI on humans will depend on how it is developed and used in the future.

Whatever your stance is on AI, you can’t deny it has already anchored its vessel on the shore of what it means to be “human”. For me, being Human means slowing down in a fast pace society that rewards efficiency, reconnecting to our Earth & its Earthlings, showing passion above performance, and honing in the HI (Human Intelligence) we may have lost in the process of “painting our roses red”.

Curious about some of the things AI can do? Here are some “helpful” tools below: (plan strategies) (travel planner) (noise canceling app) (presentations and slide decks) (visualizing data) (chatGPT and Google) (resume’ builder)


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