The Big Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch- The Artist: To be born in a time during the dawn of the Renaissance, and the haunting past of the plague- birthed within the same year as Leonardo Da Vinci, Hieronymus Bosch was an anomaly of his day. A true visionary that through his paintings, delved into a subconscious minds of a societyContinue reading “The Big Bosch”

Like a Virgin- Evolution of The Madonna

Madonna Enthroned This painting has as realism, and connects to the humanity of man by allowing the Virgin Mary to occupy space , being subject to gravity as she is seated and posed more realistically with foreshortening in her legs. This painting style of a more 3D plane and perspective, as opposed to the 2DContinue reading “Like a Virgin- Evolution of The Madonna”

Baths of Diocletian

Anchored in the heart of Rome, are remains of the most important buildings of the Roman Empire: The Baths of Diocletian. Its structure that was once a marvel of Roman ingenuity, is now crumbling evidence of a Roman Empire that birthed the most advanced technology of the ancient world. In this essay I will beContinue reading “Baths of Diocletian”

Cycladic Art: The Seated Cup Bearer

“The Seated Cup Bearer”, a part of a series of sculptures, carved from marble during the Early Cycladic II period – Syros phase in 2800-2300 BC. The series includes male & female figures playing instruments, sitting in groups, and partaking in various other activities. Unfortunately, during the 1950’s-1960, there was a tremendous looting that tookContinue reading “Cycladic Art: The Seated Cup Bearer”

Evolution of Greek Sculpture

From the stylized human figure sculptures of the Archaic period ( 600- 480 BCE) , to the ardent manifestation of human form in the Hellenistic period- the Greeks have chiselled , moulded and fabricated some of the most magnificent sculptures the World has even seen. In this essay, I will discuss the evolution of GreekContinue reading “Evolution of Greek Sculpture”

Labyrinths of Light- Gothic Cathedrals

Chartres Cathedral & Grace Cathedral Chartres Cathedral: begun 1145; in 1194 was burned, excluding the west front; it was then rebuilt 1205-1220 Key Features Include: • Pointed arches • Rib-and-panel vaults ( up to 121 feet ) • External Flying buttresses- enabled skeletal stone walls to hold the stain glass windows- • The nave- atContinue reading “Labyrinths of Light- Gothic Cathedrals”

The Rise of Icons

Iconoclasm in Byzantine Art In the realm of the Byzantine Art world, Iconoclasm referred to the debate that involved both the church and state of the Eastern Roman Empire. Lasting about a century from 726-87 and then from 815-73 , legislation was brought on that forbade the production of “iconic images”. The word “iconoclasm” canContinue reading “The Rise of Icons”

Cosmic Cards

 Now Available! Cosmic Cards Collectors Edition🌠 🌟1 (40 count) Cosmic Card Deck 🌟1 limited edition Collectors Sleeve that includes Seed of Life Crystal Grid (signed by Artist) 🌟1 Crystal 🌟1 bundle of Palo santo Each card contains my own original artworks & lunar photography, and are paired with a powerful & loving mantra, inspirational quote,Continue reading “Cosmic Cards”